Nothing at all

Whenever I see, it is actually always the same.
Every time, everytime, every fucking time...
And I hate it.
I am fed up with this thing.
I want it leave me, I beg it to leave me.
Sucking my blood inside my head.
But does ne'er care.
And I hate it.
Some other people exists, sometimes only one. Sometimes it is a lie.
Not sure.
Pissed off.
Fed up.
And I hate it.
Want it to give up.
I have nausea and I suppose it is because of this shit.
I am cold.
Could be a cure for this, next to me, maybe.
But it is impossible.
Even if it is possible indeed, it is not possible.
And I hate it.
Ne'er cares, never cares.
Don't wanna feel like that.
Beating, eating, sucking inside..
And I hate it.

"How passionately we love everything that cannot last; the dazzling crystallory of winter, the spring in bloom, the fragile flight of butterflies, crimson sunsets, a kiss and life..."

4 dedim, olacak!:

StummScream dedi ki...

Yine canın sağlam sıkılmış anlaşılan.

Sparrow dedi ki...

well done! go on like this!

crazywomanrosemary dedi ki...

Neyse alttaki pasaj..biraz daha rahatlattı..sıkma canını..:))

Larien dedi ki...

StummScream, ne de güzel anladın beni.

Sparrow, don't worry I do so.

Crazywomanrosemary, önce hoşgeldin :) sonra sağolasın, arada geliyorlar böyle ve o son cümle candır :)

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