During the lesson that day:

 Mixture of thoughts are girdling me around all the time. I'm fed up with some certain things, but I'm still insistent on thanksgiving to God for the presents we've given.

I'm bored.
I'm hungry.
I'm thirsty.
I'm sleepy.
I want the lesson be over.
I wanna go home.
Someone tell me "Yankee, go home!"

  Some things do not make sense anymoree, finally! I have been waiting for this moment to come for so long time along. By the way, I'm bored again. What the hell is the teacher talking about? I suppose, he is talking about the issues that we-especially I- are gonna be fucked by. I've been bored all day long, today. The lessons couldn't give me enjoyment, probably I couldn't give enjoyment to them, as well. We couldn't get along well with each other and give anything today.

  I bumped into Miss Medusa in the toilet after I saw my hair's reflection on the mirror. She-Medusa- told me that; "Oh, your hair!.. You must be my twin sister whom I have always looked for, since I was snake-headed by that bithcy Aphrodite." She hugged me and caressed my hair. She became very happy but i did not.

(I wonder if I'm the only one not listening the lesson. Hope not so.)

  Can a person be under the influence or impact of another one, without knowing it or unintentionally? Can the acts or the things that person does, be directed by the things of that other ones do? I don't want it to be so. I don't want to resemble to anyone. I just want to be myself, be genuine. Do I try to resemble to others without being aware of it? I pray it not be so.

  I think, I should ignore all the inner interferences of mine and strongly suppose that the lessons I am not listening to, push me to think or to write something down or to be fool, silly, stupid, nonsence et cetera. I'm not sure about this, either. What the fuck is goin' on here?! :S

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