Oh my desires!

45' left! C'mon time, pass, please! I wanna go home, I wanna have enjoyful time. I don't wanna remember bad things , hurting memories. I wanna get high marks, I wanna be busy with activities I enjoy. I wanna have a man like in my dreams. I want health, my family be prosperior, wealth, success, happiness and peace. I wanna move to our new home. I wanna go to "Vampires Suck", I want him to regret, and awfully feel sorry, apologize and beg to me. I want a regular, well-paid, english-centered, central-placed, enjoyable job. I want my nose stop weeping. I want my mom, my sister, my dad be completely healthy, wealthy, successful, happy and be with me forever! I don't wanna be broken again, I don't wanna get dissappointed over and over again. I don't want my dreams be shattered  over and over and over again. I wanna keep my weight but with health. I don't want anything bad and sorrowful be included into my family's life and mine. Amin...


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