Is this the way to survive among the fittests?

Do not believe and trust anybody this easily from now and on! Be intelligent, arrogant and ignorant, this is the way of avoiding dissappointment. Make people suffer not to suffer! Make sad not to be sad! I don't know whether this is the way of being a "human" being then. Do I have to construct a plan or strategy to become happy? = superficial happiness(!) I can not stand  this way, I don't want to plan my actions beforehand. I do not want to get dissappointed over and over and over and over again! Why do people look so cute and innocent and reliable, trustable, lovable, adorable?! Why can't I identify the real purposes or thoughts under the statements that really touch my heart, where is completely defenseless and open to attacks? I suppose I have become addicted to be let down and swindled ahahah! I know I'm going to make exactly same mistakes again! This is the rule of being a stupid human being. No matter how insistently I speak hateful and determined, I will trust easily again, maybe I have always wanted to trust and believe people that easily without hesitation about how much I may get wounded. Silly... I am the real reason of my own suffering then! Contradictory, paradoxal, ironical, I don't care what the hell it is, anymore!

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